Lamayuru is a village at 4500 meters above sea level at the foot of the Himalayan chain, in a region of India, Ladakh, which until recently it belonged to Tibet. Here live about 500 people in a state of great poverty, because they are not possible commercial activities nor, given the climate and conditions of the earth, you can devote intensive agriculture or raising livestock. In winter the lack of timber is distressing and makes it difficult even heating. As in all communities living in similar conditions, the lack of information and lack of precise rules on the population control promote excessive birth rate, among other things, over time will affect the school system, preventing adequate educational assistance to all young people living in the village.

Since these environmental conditions, over the years was born the commitment of our non-profit organization to supplement the state school of the village and construct a structure useful to the entire community.
Thus he was born a school "winter", for the time of year (Dec-Jan-Feb) in Ladakh where the teaching activities end when the school holidays and the weather conditions are prohibitive. The winter school, intended for younger children (5-8 years), welcomes 70 students, is run by the local community and is used as a meeting place and aggregation for children. longines replica watches

We are working to organize an after-school program
that works all year round.
We are looking for sponsors to consolidate activities.

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